Becoming a part of the family of the church

…parents and godparents, this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. This child of yours has been enlightened by Christ … to live always as a child of the Light.

A Reason to Rejoice

The birth of a new baby is a great event for you as a parent and for your whole family. The Church wants to rejoice with you at the arrival of a new unique person created in the image and likeness of God.

This is why Baptisms take place, here at St Mary’s, during the 10.30am Mass on Sunday. However, it is also important to remember that at least one parent must be a baptised and practising Catholic. You will be required to attend a Baptism Preparation Course, usually a Saturday morning. It is common to ask all sorts of friends and relatives to be Godparents to your child and there are many reasons for this. The Godparents, however, are there to represent the whole Church community into which your child is being Baptised. They make promises on their own behalf as part of the Church, that they will take seriously their responsibility to help your child grow in the knowledge and love of God. This is an important promise. It makes sense therefore to insist that one of your chosen Godparents should be a baptised and practising Catholic.

As parents you have the great privilege – and responsibility – of bringing up your child and helping that child to grow to become a mature and independent person.

What to do

Contact the Parish Office (01527 852524) or use the contact form to arrange a meeting with the Parish Priest to discuss a date for your child’s baptism and to collect a Baptism Application Form for completion.

Baptism is a sacrament and so there is no charge. However, there is an administrative fee of £30 for maintaining the Register of Baptisms. This fee of £30 is payable on return of this form in order for the service to go ahead. 

Please note: Only TWO Godparents are needed & AT LEAST ONE Godparent must be a practising Catholic. A maximum of FOUR Godparents are permitted. All Catholic Godparents must submit their baptismal certificate to Fr Benedict.