In our Parish, a group of boys and girls regularly serve during Mass to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy. Any boy or girl who has made their First Holy Communion is eligible to become an altar server.

The team is led by the Master of Ceremonies (MC) who links closely with the Priest, other Ministers and the Parish office to ensure that all the services run smoothly. The MC administers the servers’ rota, allocates the various serving roles of acolyte (candle bearer), crucifer (cross), thurifer (censer), and incense boat and briefs the team with relevant instructions before each Mass. New members learn where and how to robe in the sacristy, the correct procedure for processing into the Church and leaving at the end of Mass, how to bow and genuflect and positions they should assume during the course of the service.
Members will become familiar with liturgical objects, such as the Missal, Lectionary, Lectern, credence table, etc. and also with the tools they will use during Mass, such as candles, cross, thurible, etc.

Full training is given and all items required are provided. The current Rota may be found on our Downloads page.

Please click here for more details on the recent recognition received by St. Mary’s for our 60 year affiliation with the Guild of St. Stephen, as well as a request for servers past and present to send in their photos.

Please contact the Parish Priest for more information.