This is offered at the 10.30 Family Mass on Sundays and is led by a team of volunteers. The age range for children to come along is age 4-5 up to the age of 8, until a child has undertaken their First Holy Communion. The child will then take part in the Mass itself.

The aim is to develop the faith of our parish children, to bring them into an ever deeper relationship with God, and to lead them gradually into full participation with the adults in church.

During the Liturgy of the Word at Mass the children go and look at the gospel story from their viewpoint and in their language. Colouring and practical activities are usually involved to facilitate this. Their work is often part of the Offertory procession.

The Parish Priest takes an active role in how the Children’s Liturgy takes place by meeting all adults involved and the Children’s Liturgy Team Leader. The group is always looking for volunteers. Please contact the Parish Priest for more details.

Any adult running the Children’s Liturgy groups has a Police check undertaken to ensure the safely of all children.